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Sumer God Enki

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Discover the first volume of the Sumerian Vortex universe: "Music From A Lost Civilization", a fiction taking place in Mayo, a small county in rural Ireland. Read stories around the book, or purchase it on Amazon!

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Turn down the music on any blockbuster movie and you’ll realize that without the extraordinary power of music to stimulate emotion, it doesn’t stay engaging for long. What if musical harmonies could be encoded and weaponized to incite communities to behave in desired ways?

Our understanding of how to use musical harmonies to manage emotions is primitive. But it wasn't always the case. Researching the culture of ancient Sumer, musicologist and historian Eileen stumbles upon an esoteric ritual enabled by a mysterious musical system. The dormant system has been preserved by a secret cult over millennia for its capability to manipulate societies.

With the help of Tiernan Óg, chairman of the Mayo County Council, an egotistical God, and some witty local faeries, Eileen resuscitates the musical system to influence the course of people’s lives in rural Ireland.

When the power of their ancient artifact is recognized, Eileen and Tiernan Óg find themselves targeted from all sides, and are forced to take drastic actions that have some unintended consequences...
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