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"Mayo Goes Mental" Available!

Discover "Mayo Goes Mental", the sequel of the Sumerian Vortex's first story: Music From A Lost Civilization.

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In the first book of the Sumerian Vortex saga, Eileen and her versatile team set Mayo on the road to economic self-sufficiency, thanks to a mysterious music system named Ni-Ki-Yyr from ancient Sumer.

When Eileen demonstrates that the capabilities of the Ni-Ki-Yyr go far beyond playing music, she opens up a can of worms – the government takes aggressive action to undermine Mayo’s Grand Plan. High-tech corporations and hackers attempt to steal the Ni-Ki-Yyr. The Church threatens to ban the Ni-Ki-Yyr on religious grounds.

Will Eileen and Mayo succeed in creating an independent, post-industrial society?

Portraying Mayoans’ tremendous sense of humor and tolerance for the exotic, Eileen’s new adventure involves determination, betrayals, rebellion to escape a paternalistic government, and a strange new entity called “The No-One”.
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