Cloudy sky

Einstein, Tesla and Pythagoras walk into a bar...

They had a weighty question to answer: what is the meaning of life, the universe and everything? They thought it might take them about an hour to resolve the question.


Einstein ordered a pint. As he looked into the Stygian fluid, he was reminded of a black hole. Tesla opted for an electric screwdriver. Pythagoras had his usual – a large bowl of Cabernet diluted with water.

Tesla opened the discussion: “If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency, vibration.”

Pythagoras agreed: “Yes, the entire universe vibrates like a giant musical instrument.”

Einstein, puffing on his pipe: “Frequency is reality and v.v. – this is not philosophy, it is physics.”

Deep Thought: “Hold on one century, I have been analyzing this for 7 ½ million years – the answer to your question is 42 – it’s really very simple”.

Tesla: “Ignore that hunk of junk. We are agreed: frequency is key to everything. If you could manage frequency, you could create the reality you want. Look, the only people able to solve this problem are power engineers, let’s face it…”

Einstein, Tesla and Pythagoras couldn’t all have been wrong, could they?
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