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Frankincense ≠ Frankenstein

Frankincense is not “human” like Frankenstein but it’s friendlier. Try it out, it will do you good! A resin from the rare, schrubby Boswellia tree, it is found mostly in Oman and Yemen.


The resin crystals release a scent that has been proven scientifically to be anti-bacterial, -viral, -microbial – a disinfectant, something the ancient medics in the Middle East and China already knew.

In Muscat today, a good restaurant will serve frankincense water rather than plain water. Your aromatherapist probably spritzes you with frankincense.

Our smell sense transmits the scent instantly to the ancient limbic system which releases hormones that create an uplifted mood. In the Middle Ages, the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches consumed about 400 tons of frankincense annually both for mood enhancement and to disinfect the less-washed in their churches. Today the Catholic Church consumes about 40 tons of the incense per year.

Four/five crystals are sufficient for home use. You’ll need an incense burner, and some small charcoal rounds that burn unscented. Next time you go to the souk in Muscat, be ready to bargain lengthily per this article.
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