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Power engineers meddling in spiritual matters!

The Church offered to buy rights to the Irish engineers’ Soul-Free Symphony (Post #4): “We just can’t have homeless souls wandering around. It’s unspiritual.” A group of Buddhists put in a counter-offer.


Chief Engineer: “We wouldn’t know what to do with a bunch of roaming souls. The Church is already organized to take care of souls, and, lucky for us, they believe souls are priceless! No idea why the Buddhists are interested. Neither of these knows anything about frequency management.” But the Church didn’t care - it had no intention of ever playing the Symphony.

The Buddhist monks had a different view: “We can reach Nirvana in 25 minutes with the Symphony and eliminate years of tedious chanting and muscle-spasming meditation.”

The auction was a fiercely contested affair and the bids soared with neither giving an inch. The Buddhists exited the auction when the Church agreed to a sub-license strictly limited to achieving Nirvana.

The Church threw in 10 plenary indulgences, allowing the engineers to bypass a stint in Purgatory earned for some youthful transgressions.

The instant-multi-millionaire Chief Engineer bought a nice house in Dalkey and was seen lighting a thank-you candle in the local chapel to St. Patrick, Patron Saint of Engineers.
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