Cloudy sky

Rain is the new renewable energy!

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain. Raindrops vibrate, collide, and sync as they fall. They have vibrational energy, kinetic energy and potential energy. Can we concentrate and harvest that energy?


It’s simple really, with the right equipment.
The process works best if you stream “Who’ll Stop the Rain” by Creedence to the drops as they fall.
Lock on to the frequency of the raindrops. Extract the vibrational energy and power beam it to a receptor.
Take a break for a pint of Guinness to discuss the weather with friends.

Direct the coalesced drops to piezoelectric plates, converting the impact energy to electricity. Voila!
Case Study: The Irish government will soon be calling raindrops a national treasure once the raindrop energy harvesting technology is demonstrated.
Harvesting the energy will reduce cloud cover leading to more clement weather and increased solar energy potential downwind. Displacing fossil fuel energy will preserve the environment and global warming. It’s a no-brainer.

Application requirement: just one long-range quencing machine for frequency management of raindrop vibrations.
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