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Sexagesimal ≠ some "risqué" behavior

Let me say right up front – this is a family show. It’s a case of mistaken identity – THAT word is everywhere. Here’s a clue – sex is six in Latin. Traveling across England, you can’t avoid THAT word: Middlesex, Essex, Wessex, and Sussex -- sex means Saxon.


The New Zealander’s accent pronounces six as THAT word, leading to a confused Siri: “I am not programmed for that.” Apple scrambled.

An Ulsterman comes home from the pub. Wife: “How many pints did you have, you blaggard?” -- “Ayee had seix.”

For more, see which was written over a sexennium.

Seriously, though: sexagesimal is a counting system invented by the Sumerians in the 3rd millennium B.C. Its base is 60 – everything is accounted for in terms of some permutation of the number 60. Amazingly, the Sumerian sexagesimal system lives on to this day for measuring angles, navigational coordinates, and time. “I’ll have five dozen eggs”, said the Sumerian housewife.

Sailors used sextants. Manses need sextons. Germans say sechs. Prime pairs differing by six are called sexy.

Need I say more? There is nothing prurient about sexagesimal. It has nothing to do with THAT other word – so tell the censors to hold off on that NC-17 – we are claiming a righteous G-rating -- the same rating as
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