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Symphony separates Body from the Soul!

Chief Power Engineer of Ireland, at ease sipping on his pint: “Look, I don’t know why there’s such a fuss about this soul-freeing Symphony. Music is frequency. The body has a different frequency to the soul…


“You just need to identify their frequency signatures and resonate them gently with the music until you shake body and soul apart.

“Now, the soul is immortal, meaning that for it, time is always zero. So, mathematically, its frequency is close to infinity – not so easy to create, yes? But we did it. Then the soul went on its merry way.”

♬♬♬ Music composer: “Shame, shame! You call that art – it’s just mathematics – it has no soul.”

Chief Power Engineer: “Well yes, you’re right, that’s my whole point -- the soul is not there.”

Concerned Kerryman: “Is this just a trial separation of body and soul for the duration of the Symphony, or is it a divorce? If I’m the body, and I think I am, do I have to pay alimony to the soul for eternity?

“But weightaminit - don’t you have to die first before your soul departs? Does that mean that playing this Symphony is premeditated murder and listening to it is suicide?”
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