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The new Silicon Valley Trend

Silicon Valley setting: airy, light-filled meeting room in Menlo Park, VC in polo shirt, black jeans, two cell-phones in front of him, evaluating financing pitches from entrepreneurs related to neurobiology.


Josh, neurobiology entrepreneur: “I am raising capital for my new invention: ‘Accelerated Evolution Mindware’. I’ve written my business plan on the back of this envelope.”

VC: “Is this your entire business plan?”

Josh: “Yes, I haven’t the time to get into the details. In a nutshell: we have developed mindware that accelerates evolution. It resonates certain frequencies in the brain that transmit change orders to a person’s genes. Our first application is mind-to-mind communication, then collective processing, emotional exchanges, consciousness melding, maybe even soul mating.”

VC: “I like it. Very exciting. How much capital are you raising?”

Josh: “$150 million. At a valuation of $10 billion, you get 1.5% of the company.
“You need to move fast – it’s a steal at this valuation and I have others who will jump in.”

VC: “No, no – no need to talk to other VCs -- we can take the entire deal. Your idea is mind-boggling!”

Josh: “Funny you should say that -- the name of our company is – we are going to be doing a lot of boggling...”
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