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To sync or not to sync?

Josh, the neurobiology entrepreneur, finishing up his business plan presentation to the VC: “Thanks for your $150 million funding commitment. Now, I have a bonus application that I’ll throw in…”


“I’ve come up with a dating application. Everyone has a unique frequency signature. My application identifies people with compatible harmonics.”

Polymath: “I like your harmonics. It’s lonely being a genius–people are intimidated. I’m looking for an enhanced mind like yours. Can our minds go out on a date?”

Transhuman: “Well, you’ve come to the right person – I’m a V. 2.0 model. But I’m not sure of my gender.”

Polymath: “Who cares? All I’m looking for is a meeting of the minds.”

VC: “Any chance I could get my hands on that app sooner rather than later? It’s lonesome being a VC–having to dash the hopes of 99 out of 100 entrepreneurs does not make us the most loved.”

Máire, preeminent matchmaker: “Rubbish! What is this frequency blarney? Matchmaking is all about star signs coupled with amazing dollops of intuition and life-experience. And I even have Transhuman matches to my credit!”

Swami Vivekananda: “You anachronistic old bat! These days, body frequency matching is essential for successful arranged marriages–even India is on board…”
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